365 Days – 013 | One

013One. Isa. Uno. Un. Eins. Une. Whatever it is, I simply need to remember that I parked at P1.


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365 Days – 012 | Saturday Night Lights

012I’m very lazy and that’s why I never ventured to landscape photography. I just can’t make myself go out there. So props to my son for dragging me out to go to McDonalds for some TMNT happy meal toy. I was settled in doing a lame shoe shot for tonight. If not for the trip, I would have not passed by this location in my neighbourhood. I thought it was great. You may feel otherwise. Rest assured, this is way better than the shoe shot that I would have posted for tonight 😀
Photographic Thought Process (for those who may be interested)
Being my lazy self, I stepped out and shot this handheld at ISO 2000 @ f2.8. I previewed the shot and I thought I have a winner for Day 12. So went back to the car for my tripod. Tried it again at ISO 200 (I just can’t leave this at ISO 2000 when I know I have a tripod with me), still shooting at f2.8. Now that I have the tripod, why not push this sucker. So I stopped down the aperture to f20. Shot it at ISO 200 @ 10 sec exposure. That’s how you get the star effect on the lights.
Done. Took it. Packed it. Then off to McDonalds for some TMNT – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action.
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365 Days – 011 | Rainy Morning

011I must have stopped a thousand times at this intersection for the last 13 years. It was raining today and it’s very gloomy. Thought I take a snap and capture the gloominess.
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365 Days – 010 | Strawberry

010Lazy Friday night and I have a brain freeze. I can’t think of anything to shoot and it’s close to midnight. So, strawberry it is.


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365 Days – 009 | Timeout

009There was a technical glitch from our Internet provider and the entire household (perhaps the city) was disconnected from the WEB. I just realized how much time I spent on Facebook spying on my friends. It seems that I’m at a lost without snooping on people’s status update. I need to know what they are doing. Where they are. What they bought. Who they Like. Where they went. I’m utterly dependent on their existence.
Sad, but true.
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